Use Any Mobile Camera as Your Spy Camera without their Knowledge

How to Use Your Friends Mobile Camera into a Spy Camera without his Knowledge

Can you believe this? Here is an Option to use your friend mobile camera and on it without his knowledge and you can watch what’s happening around him. He will have no idea what you are doing. This App is just to use your mobile camera into a security CCTV Camera or a Spy Camera and only invented for security Purpose.

So here is what you have to do to turn your Friends mobile phone into your CCTV Camera or a Spy Camera. Just follow step by step and it’s very easy and your friend will have no idea that you are watching what’s happening around him.

The main Reason for me to Post this Article about this Spy Camera is to Give an awareness to our Brothers and Sisters around us. On Few un-avoidable circumstances we used to give our mobile phones to any strangers while servicing your Mobile Phones etc.

People can use the chance and Install some Unwanted Applications like this Spy camera or Surveillance CCTV camera which can use your Phone camera as a Spy camera without your knowledge. So We have to know and be aware of this.

So here I am going to explain you, how you can use your Android Mobile to  spy on others using their mobile phone camera. The main thing to make this app work is that it should have internet Connection. So it is Safer to switch off your mobile data when not in use.

How to Use your Friends Mobile Phone Camera as a

Spy Camera ?

Here is the Step by Step Process

Download Link of the App is Given Below.

Download the app and install it on your Mobile. Once installed open the app and it will show your mobile Model.

Download Link

Once it is Done, it will ask you to Sign in into your Gmail Account. Login to your gmail account.

Then install the same app into your Friends mobile phone or the Person who you have to Spy on.

Open the application on your friends mobile and login with the same gmail account. Once it is done your two phones will be interconnected.

Then take your Phone, it will show your connected friends mobile phone model. And click on it. You will have 2 icons to know their location and to open their camera.

Click on the camera icon it will open the camera of your friend without his knowledge. You can watch whats happening around him and you can hear their voice too.

This is the way to spy on your friend without his knowledge. To download this link in Google play store Click here to Download
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