How To Make Private Calls From Your Mobile? - 10 Android Apps

How to make Private Calls from Your Android Mobile Phone?

There are many applications which allow you to make private calls but they will ask you to register and get your credit card or debit card details and you can’t talk for a long time, If you wanted to talk for a very long time then you need to recharge or pay for using this service. This Video and the tutorial are only for knowledge base do not use it for any illegal activity. You will be easily caught using your existing mobile number or the internet you are using in it. 

The Google play store download link of the application is given below you can download and install the application from here. Download link is Mentioned below or above the video. Firs Install the Application and open it in your android mobile, then type the number you need to call for the first time try it on any other number nearby so you can check it, if its working correctly. 

Once u have dialed the number the application will call the other number as a private number or it will show as any foreign calls like +301or +305 or any 12 Digit number. To display I as Private Number you will have to pay your network provider a certain amount on monthly basis. 

In the Option Provided for free users you need not register or give any of your personal details, you can talk only for a few minutes with this option, to make a long call or many calls go to Profile in the particular application in your android mobile and you will have to watch some ads, for watching ads hey will give u credit and you can use those credits to call any of your friends and prank them. If you have any doubts on the application or any questions post your comments here. A detailed video is above and you can watch it to know how to use it. Click here to download the application.

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