How to Hide your Personal Chat In Whatsapp

Lock or Hide Your Personal Chat in Whatsapp
Now in Recent Times No one is Using Normal Messages, Everyone is using whatsapp or hike to chat with each other. People who are in Love always will have Personal Chats and they want them to be Hidden all the time, so they used to Lock their Mobiles or lock the particular app itself.  The Download link of the Android app is given below.

Before downloading and installing the application kindly go through the Instruction on How to use this Application. Now we are going to introduce an application for android and IOS Mobiles which can lock the particular private chat and lock them so only other conversations will be displayed to others and your particular conversation will be hidden.

Download the app from the given link below and install it in your mobile, open the app and it will ask for the user to create a password so only you can open the hidden conversation. Once you entered the password you have a set of options choose whatsapp lock and it will direct you the whatsapp chats.
Choose he particular chat and lock it and you can unlock it from here too. Once the other users see yor mobile it will only shows the chats of others the hidden conversation will not be shown to them. If you have to use it you have to give the password and you alone can see it. This is the Best app available in market.  You can download it from playstore for free.

Playstore Download link is given below. Click to Download. Don’t forget to share it with your friends. I’ll meet you again with another Fantastic App.

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