How to Find out the WIFI Password of your neighbors...

We are living in a world where internet is as essential as food, people are so addictive to internet that they can even live without food but they cannot live or spend time without internet. Here is an exclusive app which allows you to find out the password of your neighbor, Find their password and use it without knowing them.

There are two applications fund in play store one is free and I contains ads and the other is premium app which you can buy it and use it and it has no ads and you can find out the password of any wifi network.  The download link of both the app is given below. Click on the download link to download the free as well as premium Application.

First of all after downloading the app install it in your android phone and open it then you can refresh to view the open wifi network around you , once you see some list of networks it will show the open network in green and closed encrypted network in red.

Most of the wifi network will be encrypted, click on the network to connect it. Once you click on it, It will detect and decrypt the password and you can connect it to use the wifi for free. Download link of the application is given below.

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