Find Any Hidden Camera Using Your Mobile Phone

Hidden Camera is available in many stores and anyone can place it anywhere whithout our knowledge, thus we have to be aware of it to prevent our personal information leaking out.

To Find any hidden Camera around us first of all we must have a Mobile phone which has a magnetic sensors. THis app will work only if this sensor is available on your Mobile phone.

Download and Install the App given in the Download Link below. Then Open the application Now look around you and if you have doubt on any objects which could have hidden camera just move your phone around it.

If it is Detected your mobile will alert you with a beep sound. you can perform this by turning on the app and move around it hen it will alert you with a Beeo sound.

This Free app can be downloaded in Playstore and its available in private websites too. this contains ad, to get a ad free app of this version you can download it here. Play store link and Premium App Download link Mentioned below.
click on the link to download.

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