Anti Theft Application for Android Mobiles

Anti Theft Application for Android Mobiles

Now a Days Mobile theft is happened all around the world and it has also became a Business for few peoples. Its our Duty to keep our Mobile phones safe. We have lot of important information’s and valuables in our mobile phones. To Preserve that we Need to follow Certain things to keep it Safe.

Everyone has a common habit and we are going to use it to find the person who stolen your mobile. While unlocking our mobile codes we always face the Mobile phone screen. This is where the phone captures the thief’s photo.  And Location Settings has to be on to find his location.

Now I am going to explain how this app can take photos and send his location to your email ID.

Download the Anti Theft App Here:
Click here to Download

Once you have downloaded the app install it on your mobile phone. Then open the application and you will see a activate button. Click activate. Then you will see the option to enter the no of attempts to enter wrong password. Once this wrong attempt limit is crossed it will automatically start its process.

Then enter your email Id where the photo and the location of the theft mobile will be sent. And once all this details is entered click on activate. Your mobile is now successfully configured with Anti Theft.

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